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Humanity faces many overlapping crises of environmental sustainability, including climate change as the result of human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases, massive environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity, the depletion of natural resources including energy (oil, gas, coal) and groundwater. Sustainable development is the only viable path for humanity and Sustainability Science is an emerging discipline that seeks to understand the fundamental characters of interactions between nature and society to accommodate sustainable development. It is observed that the lack of integration across sectors in terms of strategies, policies, and implementation has long been perceived as one of the main pitfalls of previous approaches to sustainable development. It will be achieved if it is built with a shared focus on environmental, social, and economic goals. Developing countries like India have their own internal challenges of balancing growth and environmental sustainability; vulnerabilities to adverse trends such as climate change; and rising geopolitical roles, regionally and globally. Therefore, the member states of the United Nations, following a decision taken at the Rio+20 conference propose Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to succeed the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) as reference goals for the international community for the period 2015-2030. This requires establishing proactive approaches involving universities, governmental, and non-governmental organizations for producing a group of leaders who can integrate the overlapping issues of common goal sustainability. An educational programme like PGDSS will ensure capacity building, and skill development in the field of Sustainability Science. The PGDSS programme mainly focuses on the genesis and principles of sustainable development, its tools, implementation, and assessment strategies in a holistic way.

Program Code: Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science (PGDSS)




List of Available PGDSS Study Materials:







Sustainability Science

Block-1 Introduction to Sustainable Development

Block-2 Sustainability Science

Block-3 Approaches to Sustainable Development

Block-4 Ecology, Economics, and Ethics




Ecosystem and Natural Resources

Block-01 Ecosystem and natural resources

Block-02 Land and water resources

Block-03 Energy and mineral resources

Block-04 Agrobiodiversity






Socio-Cultural System

Block-01 Culture, society and environment

Block-02 Social change

Block-03 Indigenous knowledge systems

Block-04 Developmental pathways_equity and social justice






Ecological Economics

Block-01 Ecology, environment and sustainability

Block-02 Resource and economy

Block-03 Environmental issues in India

Block-04 Valuation and pricing of natural resources




Institutions, Governance, and Policies

Block-01 Institutional mechanism

Block-02 Governance

Block-03 Policy tools






Strategies and Models for Sustainability

Block-01 Strategies for sustainable development

Block-02 Knowledge and technology for sustainable rural development

Block-03 Evergreen revolution

Block-04 Models for sustainability




Challenges to Sustainable Development

Block-01 Climate change

Block-02 Global environmental issues

Block-03 Health, nutrition and environment

Block-04 Threats


Project Work

MSDP-18 Project Work

Program Guide

PGDSS Programme Guide

PGDSS holders will be fully equipped to serve various Governments and NGOs dealing with environment, development, and livelihood improvements. Fresh graduates who complete this Diploma will be the potential candidates suitable for employment at the grassroots, supervisory, and other middle-level positions in Environment and Development sector.   The programme also strengthens the efficiency and effectiveness of in-service personnel working in Government and Non-Government Organizations, Private or Corporate sectors and handling various sustainable development projects and programmes viz.,  Employees of the Institutes/NGOs, Private or Corporate sectors working in various Sustainable Development projects; Programme Officers, Project Officers, Research Investigators, and Research Assistants dealing with environment and development issues in various International and National Organizations.

Programme Objectives

·   To provide an opportunity for the learners to deepen their knowledge and understanding about sustainable development and the principles of sustainability science.
·   To expand the capacities of learners on various theoretical and practical aspects of sustainable development.
·   To develop professional knowledge and skills in the formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of sustainable development projects and programmes.


Students will be required to complete seventy-five percent attendance in theory counseling to become eligible for appearing in the Term-end Examination. Similarly, they will be required to complete ninety percent attendance in practical contact sessions to become eligible for appearing in practical examination.

IGNOU Assignments –

The task is a method of persevering with the evaluation of concept and sensible. Assignments will assist you to recapitulate the concept and move again to the text again in case students are unable to reply to a specific query. Thus assignments additionally help to reinforce studying in a distance mastering gadget of education. These assignments encompass a set of questions and activities that you may answer in your personal vicinity with the aid of referring your blocks.

The assignments will cover all kinds of questions (long solution type, short answer kind, goal kind, more than one-choice questions, and case studies).

The assignments will convey 30% weightage. Students can be required to acquire fifty percent marks as skip percent in each assignment one after the other. Each project will carry 100 marks. In the very last result assignments will carry 30% weightage.

Term-end Examination

As said in advance, term-end examination is the foremost factor of the evaluation machine and if incorporates 70% weightage in the Final end result. The University conducts a time period-end exam two times a yr i.e., in June and December. They can take the examination handiest after completion of the course, failing which college students can take the identical in December or June of subsequent years inside the general span of the programme.

In case any pupil fails to get a passing score inside the Term-end Examination, the man or woman could be eligible to reappear at the following Term-end Examination for that course as and whilst it’s far held, within the general span of the Programme.

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  1.  Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.
  2. Enter the Programme Code.
  3. By clicking on the submit button, you will get the result on the screen.

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  5. We will follow all rules of  Ignou during the presentation of assignments.
  6. All pages of the assignment should be properly arranged and attached inside a file.
  7. All answers should be written in good handwriting.
  8. Proper indentation must be used.
  9. Each and every answer should be properly numbered.
  10. Only white A4 sheets should be used for preparing assignments.
  11. A copy of printed assignments should be attached in the starting of the file along with assignment code for further reference.
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