IGNOU Project Report & Synopsis BTS

IGNOU BTS PROJECT Program via Distance Learning Mode is to help college students to increase talents for managing specific purposeful divisions of the tourism sector efficiently. This Program will provide the student with a know-how of the concept and practice of tourism and journey management.


The Subsequent specific goals to allow a learner to:

  1. Identify and formulate studies problems
  2. Write a very good studies suggestion and layout for the IGNOU BTS SYNOPSIS and IGNOU BTS REPORT
  3. Identify and use appropriate studies layout for IGNOU BTS PROJECT
  4. Conduct clinical research in a systematic manner
  5. Collect and analyze the information for IGNOU PROJECT BTS SYNOPSIS REPORT
  6. Learn to apply appropriate statistical strategies.

How we will provide you the IGNOU Project Report?

  1. Firstly, you may obtain an assignment synopsis in smooth\soft copy inside the term of 3 to 4 days, after payment. (which are of 10-12 pages……….)
  2. Then, after synopsis approval, we will give you the project within 7 to 8 days. (which are of 100-120 pages……)


The beginners need to choose a particular vicinity in which they are interested. Then in consultation with the Guide, they must pick out a particular subject matter for their mission work.

The following layout can be observed for preparing the venture suggestion

  1. The Title of the Proposed Project
  2. Background of the Study
  3. Literature Review
  4. The motive of the Study
  5. Objectives of the Study
  6. The hypothesis of the Study If any
  7. Research Methodology: Data Collection : Primary/Secondary
  8. References/Bibliography

IGNOU Project Proposal (Synopsis)

The Proposal must have subsequent additives:

  1. Proper Project Proposal Proforma would be signed by the student and the guide with dates.
  2. Bio-records of the Guide- A targeted biodata of the guide (duly signed, in unique, by the guide in conjunction with date). The biodata of the guide must have the subsequent statistics in the virtually unambiguous way:
  • Name and Date of Birth of the guide.
  • Full Address with numbers of house and current workplace and contact number.
  • Educational Qualifications in detail- genuinely citing the Degrees (with specialization), name and address of the University/Institution, and the year of degree/qualification.
  • Detailed work experience, said certainly in chronological order having details of the designation, duration, name, and contactable address of the corporations.
  • Any different information is applicable for assessment of the eligibility of the guide. You may connect the present-day enterprise card of the proposed guide.

Resubmission of Project Proposal

In case of non-approval of the proposal, the remarks/recommendations for reformulating the task concept can be communicated to the student. In such a case, the revised mission concept wants to be submitted collectively with fresh venture thought proforma and a copy of the rejected proposal and project idea proforma bearing the comments of the evaluator and P.P. No. (Project Proposal Number) allotted via the School of Management Studies.

Timings for the Submission of Synopsis/Project Report

Project Proposal, as well as Project Report, can be submitted any time at a few levels within the 12 months.


  1. If a Project Report is submitted amongst 1st December to 31st May, then the give up result can be declared along with June Term-cease examinations.
  2. If a Project Report is submitted amongst 1st June to 30th November, then the result can be declared in conjunction with December Term-give up examinations.

Who Can Be the Guide for IGNOU Synopsis and Project Report BTS (Bachelor in Tourism Studies) – PTS 4, PTS 5, PTS 6

The learner will require a Guide/Supervisor for carrying out the Project.

The eligibility standards to be a Guide/Supervisor is as follows:

  1. From the Study Centre/ Regional Centre.
  2. M.Phil/Ph.D. In Tourism control with at the least two years Undergraduate/Postgraduate coaching enjoy


3. Master’s Degree in Tourism control with a minimum of years revels in at Post Graduate stage.


4. Master’s Degree in Tourism Management with at least 5 years of teaching experience at the undergraduate stage.


The size of the project report depends on the nature of the theme of the project you have selected. However, it is desirable that the project report should be around 100 pages typed in double space. The report should be in A4 size sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions-

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