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The Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law seeks to address the changing needs to knowledge society in the era of Information Communication Technologies and virtual cyberspace, where one can reach the masses much quickly as opposed to earlier technologies thereby breaking the jurisdictional boundaries and creating series of challenges for the legal system due to its unique quality of openness, economic efficiency and anonymity of members of the virtual community. The Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law (PGCCL) is a 16 credits programme and consists of four compulsory courses.

Program Code: Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law (PGCCL)


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Employment opportunity:

1.     India is in need of persons with in-depth knowledge of Cyberlaw.
2.     PG Certificate in Cyber Law can be considered as an added advantage and has great scope for the learners in the corporate field, Law and Information Technology.
3.     The cyber law experts are in huge demand in a public and private organization, Law and IT firms, police department, corporate world, universities and this will continue to grow further in this era of digitization.


The objectives of this programme are to:

  • enable learners to understand, explore, and acquire a critical understanding of Cyber Law;
  • develop competencies for dealing with frauds and deceptions (confidence tricks, scams) and other cybercrimes, or example, child pornography etc. that are taking place via the Internet;
  • make learners conversant with the social and intellectual property issues emerging from ‘Cyberspace’;
  • explore the legal and policy developments in various countries to regulate Cyberspace;
  • develop the understanding of the relationship between commerce and cyberspace; and
  • give learners in-depth knowledge of Information Technology Act and legal framework of Right to Privacy, Data Security and Data Protection.
Evaluation System

The Evaluation System for PGCCL consists of two components
a) Continuous evaluation through assignments (Tutor Marked Assignments).
b) Term-end examinations.
In the final results, assignments carry 30% weightage, while 70% weightage is given for
Term-end examinations

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