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Session: July 2019- January 2020





EEC-07 | BECE 107  Industrial Development in In DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
EEC-10 National Income Accounting DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
EEC-11 Fundamentals of Economics DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-002  Indian Economic Development Issues and Perspectives DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
EEC-13  Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-015  Elementary Mathematical Methods in Economic Development DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-016 Economic Development: Comparative DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-214 Agricultural development in India Understanding Drama DOWNLOAD NOW FREE



EEC-07 | BECE 107 भारत में औधौगिक विकास DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
EEC-10 राष्ट्रीय आय लेखांकन  DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
EEC-11 अर्थशास्त्र के मूलतत्व DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-002 भारतीय आर्थिक विकास: मुद्दे और परिदृश्य DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
EEC-13 प्रारंभिक सांख्यिकीय विधियाँ और सर्वेक्षण तकनीके DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-015 अर्थशास्त्र में प्रारंभिक गणितीय विधियाँ DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-016 आर्थिक विकास: तुलनात्मक विश्लेषण एवं समकालिक मुद्दे DOWNLOAD NOW FREE
BECE-214 भारत में कृषि विकास DOWNLOAD NOW FREE

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IGNOU Solved Assignment Submission Last Date for 2019-20

For Dec 2019 Exam: 30th September 2019

For June 2020 Exam: 31st March 2020

For Dec 2019 Exam: 30th September 2020

How might we check our assignment status?

To check the status of the assignment, visit this link to the official website of GNOU.


Assignment/Project/Practical Submission Status/Checking:

  1.  Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.
  2. Enter the Programme Code.
  3. By clicking on the submit button, you will get the result on the screen.

How can we get good marks in IGNOU assignments?

To get good marks in IGNOU assignments we should follow the followings methods:

  1. The matter (answers) should be ours.
  2. Our every answer should be  Unique and not copied from anywhere.
  3. We have written all answers in easy and understandable language in assignments.
  4. We put all our efforts into writing to make it best, we will check all the assignments after completion.
  5. We will follow all rules of  Ignou during the presentation of assignments.
  6. All pages of the assignment should be properly arranged and attached inside a file.
  7. All answers should be written in good handwriting.
  8. Proper indentation must be used.
  9. Each and every answer should be properly numbered.
  10. Only white A4 sheets should be used for preparing assignments.
  11. A copy of printed assignments should be attached in the starting of the file along with assignment code for further reference.

Where to Submit the IGNOU Solved Assignments?

Dear All Ignou Students,  According to IGNOU University, you will have to submit these projects at IGNOU Center.  When you will submit your assignment then don’t forget to collect submission slip, Keep it in mind.

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