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In a nutshell, the programme will decorate the instructor’s information of newbies, the gaining knowledge of method, the character and shape of language, and the teaching of it in terms of recent and extra powerful methodologies of classroom management, material choice, and evaluation. This programme will help the instructor to:

  1. Gain insights approximately the language learner, now not most effective as a cognitive entity however as a social being, functioning in multilingual surroundings.
  2. Understand the character of language as a dynamic entity, difficulty to a variant, and change.
  3. Enhance her/his talent in English, not best in phrases of the structure of English (sounds, phrases, grammar) however additionally at the extent of discourse.
  4. Critically reflect over her/his schoolroom experience and innovate in coaching strategies, in order that s/he can be able to greater efficaciously educate the 4 capabilities of speaking me, listening, analyzing, and writing.
  5. Upgrade herself/himself inside the new theories which can be established in phrases of the learner, the mastering technique, school room management, cloth choice and developing,
    Conduct motion research.
Program Code: Certificate in Teaching of English as a Second Language (CTE)

Session: July 2019- January 2020


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IGNOU Solved Assignment Submission Last Date for 2019-20

For Dec 2019 Exam: 30th September 2019

For June 2020 Exam: 31st March 2020

For Dec 2019 Exam: 30th September 2020

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