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This programme aims to introduce the concepts of Hardware, Software, Multimedia, and Internet technologies. Also, included is a laboratory course where the student gets hands-on experience.

Program Code: Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)


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The main objectives of CIT are to:

Introduce the basics of Computer hardware and software concepts

  • • Develop algorithms and flowcharts for problem-solving
  • • Introduce programming concepts
  • • Introduce various aspects of Computer communication
  • • Introduce the concept of Networking
  • • Introduce social, legal, and ethical aspects of IT
  • • Discuss the role of IT in various fields such as Business, Governance, Education, and Medicine
  • • Introduce the concept of Information System
  • • Discuss the latest trends in IT
  • • Discuss the basic principles of Internet
  • • Search for information on the Internet
  • • Discuss various applications of Internet
  • • Discuss the issue related to the design of a web page
  • • Introduce the concept of Multimedia
  • • Introduce the process of working with MS-Windows and Linux
  • • Develop and execute programs using C language
  • • Create databases
  • • Create Web Pages

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