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The Bachelor of Science Honours in Anthropology (BSCANH) is a broad-based programme with a mix of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and skill-based courses. It is designed to provide the learners with the information and skills necessary to understand and analyse their world by introducing them to the main themes and topics not only in Anthropology but disciplines like Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences.

Program Code: B.Sc. Honours Anthropology (BSCANH)

Session: July 2022 and January 2023



Anthropology: Honours Courses

BANC-101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-102 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-103 Archaeological Anthropology Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-104 Fundamentals of Human Origin and Evolution Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-105 Tribes and Peasants in India Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-106 Human Ecology: Biological and Cultural Dimensions Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-107 Biological Diversity in Human Populations Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-108 Theories of Culture and Society Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-109 Human Growth and Development Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-110 Research Methods Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-111 Human Population Genetics Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-112 Anthropology in Practice Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-113 Forensic Anthropology Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-114 Anthropology of India Download Now Rs.25/-


BANC-101 जैविक मानवविज्ञान का परिचय Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-102 सामाजिक और सांस्कृतिक मानवविज्ञान का परिचय Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-103 पुरातात्विक मानवविज्ञान Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-104 मानव उत्पत्ति और उत्तिकास Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-105 भारत में आदिवासी और किसान Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-106 मानव पारिस्थितिकी: जैविक और सांस्कृतिक आयाम Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-107 मानव आबादी में जैविक विविधता Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-108 संस्कृति और समाज के सिद्धांत Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-109 मानव वृद्धि और विकास Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-110 अनुसंधान विधियां Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-111 मानव जनसंख्या आनुवंशिकी Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-112 व्यवहार में नृविज्ञान Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-113 फोरेंसिक नृविज्ञान Download Now Rs.25/-
BANC-114 भारत का मानव विज्ञान Download Now Rs.25/-

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IGNOU BSCANH Assignment Submission Last Date for 2022-23:

For July 2022 Session Students :  30th April 2023

For January 2023 Session Students: 31st October 2023

How might we check our assignment status?

To check the status of the assignment, visit this link to the official website of GNOU.


Assignment/Project/Practical Submission Status/Checking:

  1.  Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.
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  5. We will follow all regulations of Ignou at some stage in the presentation of assignments.
  6. All pages of the assignment ought to be well arranged and connected inner a record.
  7. All answers need to be written in appropriate handwriting.
  8. Proper indentation must be used.
  9. Each and each answer ought to be properly numbered.
  10. Only white A4 sheets should be used for preparing assignments.
  11. A replica of published assignments must be connected in the starting of the file alongside challenge code for in addition reference.

Where to Submit the IGNOU Solved Assignment?

Dear All Ignou Students,  According to IGNOU University, you will have to submit these projects at IGNOU Center.  When you will submit your assignment then don’t forget to collect submission slip, Keep it in mind.

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