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With a substantial number of courses drawn from a single discipline (English), and a few interdisciplinary and skill-based elective courses, the Bachelors Honours Programme (English) is designed to give in-depth knowledge in that discipline while allowing for exposure to subjects beyond the discipline as well. The Honours Programme has the following general objectives:

  1.  To introduce the learner to main themes and topics in the discipline of English through the core, discipline-centric electives, ability/skill enhancement, and generic courses.
  2.  To facilitate the learners to work towards ability and skill enhancement through exposure to appropriate courses in humanities and social sciences.
  3.  Introduce learners to reading and writing skills through assignments and exercises at an undergraduate level.
  4. Expose the learners to the importance of interdisciplinary study by enabling them to offer courses outside their disciplines.

More courses will be added to the bundle of options in the skill enhancement and generic elective courses as we go along.

Program Code: Bachelor’s Honours Degree Programme (English) (BAEGH )

Session: January and July 2020

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List of Available BEGC-104 Study Materials:

BEGC-104 British and Drama 14th-17th Century

Block-01 Chaucer and Spenser DOWNLOAD NOW
Block-02 Shakespeare and Donne DOWNLOAD NOW
Block-03 Marlowe: Doctor Faustus DOWNLOAD NOW
Block-04 Shakespeare: Macbeth DOWNLOAD NOW


A learner will be required to complete seventy-five percent attendance in theory counseling to become eligible for appearing in the Term-end Examination. Similarly, they will be required to complete a hundred percent attendance in practical contact sessions to become eligible for appearing in practical examination.

Continuous Evaluation of Theory Component

IGNOU Solved Assignment

The assignment is a means of continuing the assessment of theory. The assignment will help the learner to recapitulate the theory and go back to the text again, in case the learner is unable to answer a question. Thus, the assignment will also help to reinforce learning in a distance learning system of education. The assignment consists of a set of questions and activities that can be answered by referring to the self-learning material. The assignment may cover long answer type and short answer type questions. The assignment will carry thirty percent weightage in the result. Learners will be required to obtain at least forty marks as pass percentage in each assignment, for each course separately. Each assignment will carry 100 marks.

Term-end Examination

The term-end examination is the major component of the evaluation system and if carries seventy percent weightage in the result. The University conducts a term-end examination twice a year i.e., in June and December. The learner may write the examination only after completion of the course, failing which she/he may write the same in December or June of subsequent years within the total duration of the programme. In case any learner fails to get a passing score in the Tern End Examination, she/he is eligible to reappear at the next Term End Examination for that course as and when it is held, within the total duration of the Programme.

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